Splash Glow Antibacterial Screen Cleaner

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  • WHY USE SPLASH GLOW SCREEN CLEANER? 1 in 6 phone screens have bacteria including faecal matter on them. There are approximately 25,000 germs per square inch on your phone screen. To put this into perspective, that's 10 x more than is found on a toilet seat or pet-food bowl. The germs and bacteria found on your screen or protector have been proven to cause illnesses such as E.Coli, Influenza and MRSA. The panic is over though - you've found Splash Glow now and you're in safe hands.
  • ALL-IN-ONE SPRAY-AND-WIPE SCREEN CLEANER KIT: Suitable and safe to use for all screens. This all-in-one screen cleaner includes a microfibre cloth attached to all 4 sides of the bottle. The microfibre cloth is no abrasive and so easy to clean, just run it under warm water there’s no need to remove the cloth from the bottle. Simply spray, wipe and reuse. Pop in your pocket or handbag and take with you anywhere.
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE, ANTIBACTERIAL CLEANING FLUID SPRAY: Easily keep your devices clean and bacteria-free with the Splash Screen Cleaner tool. Contains 100% alcohol-free antibacterial spray that contains no harmful additives, no alcohol, and no ammonia, making it very safe to use and friendly to the environment. Kills dangerous germs and bacteria that live on your screen. 20ml of antibacterial cleaning fluid provides plenty of sprays for approximately 250 cleans.
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING FOR ALL SCREENS AND DEVICES: The Splash Glow Screen Cleaner screen cleaning solution is specially formulated to remove bacteria, dust, dirt and greasy fingerprints without scratching or streaking. Microfibre cloth fibres are so tiny that they are able to attach to the smallest, most microscopic particles of dirt, meaning that microfibre cloth is very effective at cleaning screens. Fun fact: This is also how Geckos' feet stick to walls - using tiny, microscopic hairs!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: All the packaging is made from recycled and sustainable materials and is fully recyclable. Even the anti-bacterial spray is Eco friendly. So you’ll be keeping your phone clean, and the planet green.